• Own production
  • Hygiene and disinfection
  • Design engineering
  • Equipment service
Own production
Design engineering
Hygiene and disinfection
Equipment Service
Water treatment systems
Ecoflex monitoring system
Solar energy
Security control

Design and manufacture

equipment for production tasks

Own production

Of equipment for washing containers based on Nerkon technologies

Equipment automation

different levels of automation of new and existing equipment

Complete reconstruction

Possibility of complete reconstruction of old equipment

Ecoflex resource monitoring system

constant control over the consumption of water and chemicals both in the whole system and in individual areas and types of equipment

Extended warranty up to 36 months

in case of using detergents and disinfectants of own production Tepol\Ekfil

High quality materials and components

Usage of materials and components for the production of only high quality from leading suppliers (Lowara, Grundfos; EW, Lenze; Stasto, Bürkert; Hennlich; Schneider Electric; Pewag, FESTO; Balluf, Siemens; Backer Elektro)

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Designing industrial and food enterprises - both from scratch and optimization of existing production and hygiene processes.

An extremely important step for the efficient and economic operation of the enterprise and the production of quality products at an optimal level of costs. Errors in the design phase can be costly in the end. Our company is ready to help you avoid these mistakes and help you build an optimal production process in accordance with the highest HASP and ISO standards.

  • Participation in pre-design and design work
  • Identification and optimization of bottlenecks in finished projects
  • Designing complex systems for hygienic cleaning of an enterprise
  • Design of air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Design in the field of energy including renewable energy
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Foam sinks

The use of professional solutions in the field of outdoor foam washing (equipment, premises, conveyors, etc.) allows ensuring a constantly high level of hygiene of the enterprise, as well as the possibility of quick and economical cleaning. Our experience in carrying out dozens of turnkey installations at leading food enterprises in Ukraine (allows you to provide you with a stable and uninterrupted operation of the foam washing system.

  • Complex systems for professional foam cleaning - design, supply, installation (including laying pipelines in accordance with hygienic standards), warranty and post-warranty service
  • Equipment suppliers - ECOLAB \ Foamico, ELPRESS
  • The choice of the optimal technology, placement, depending on the tasks of hygiene
  • Optimization of pipelines, installation of pipelines for distribution of water, air, chemicals on a turnkey basis
  • Connection to the Ecoflex resource monitoring system - permanent control over the consumption of water and chemicals both in the system as a whole and in individual areas and types of equipment
  • Extended warranty up to 36 months in case of using detergents and disinfectants of own production Tepol\Ekfil.
  • Own service 24/7 and availability of spare parts warehouse
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Container washer NERKON

A clean container is a guarantee of high-quality transportation and storage of products. Provides fast cleaning with optimal results. Saving water and chemicals. Control over the costs and the amount of washed containers, the optimal selection of equipment based on the cleaning tasks and productivity.

  • Container washer Dish washing equipment of the Czech manufacturer Nerkon
  • A wide range of equipment - washing boxes, pallets, frames, trolleys, etc.
  • Equipment of various capacities and levels of automation
  • Unique NERKON technologies (label removal, drum filter)
  • Installation, configuration, warranty and post-warranty service
  • Connection to the Ecoflex resource monitoring system - permanent control over the consumption of water and chemicals, as well as the amount of washed containers
  • Extended warranty up to 36 months in case of using detergents and disinfectants of own production Tepol\Ekfil
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Sanitary checkpoints, dispensers

HASP standards presuppose a high level of personal hygiene of production employees. The personal hygiene equipment we offer (dispensers, sanitary checkpoints, contactless washers, boot washers, apron washers, etc.) allows you to efficiently and economically disinfect hands, feet and parts of personnel clothing, wash equipment, dry, etc.

Wide range

various sanitary inspection rooms, dispensers, etc. - manufacturers AZP (Czech Republic) and ELPRES (Holland)

Objectives and performance

Designed for different performance and purpose (arms, legs, complex, etc.)

Quality and price

High quality and reasonable price

Additional options

Sensory washbasins, various NJ products AZP and ELPRES (Holland)

Own production

Making your own inexpensive sanitary inspection rooms

Integration with systems

Face ID + by Ecoflex system (number of triggers, operating time, etc.)

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Санпропускники, дозаторы img 1 Санпропускники, дозаторы img 2 Санпропускники, дозаторы img 3 Санпропускники, дозаторы img 4

Air disinfection R + M and ECOLAB

Innovations in the field of industrial hygiene - disinfection of air and hard-to-reach surfaces by air - both shock and in the presence of products and personnel, as well as disinfection with cold fog. These technologies provide the parameters of a "clean room" in production and can significantly increase the shelf life of products (examples - sausage cutting zone MK Favorit, cheese ripening chambers Bogodukhovsky MK, baby food shop Danon Kremenchug, etc.)

  • Disinfection solutions from German manufacturers
  • Disinfection of indoor air and ventilation with dry fog
  • Various accessories and application technologies (stationary and mobile)
  • Air disinfection AIRSPEXX (in the presence of people and products)
  • Shock disinfection units for large rooms
  • Certified and safe disinfectants used during processing
Дезинфекция воздуха R+M и ECOLAB 1 Дезинфекция воздуха R+M и ECOLAB 2

Disinfection frames

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 pushed our company to develop innovative equipment - disinfection framework + integrated temperature control and access control.

This is a technology for treating people when entering premises with a special safe solution that destroys viruses when entering an institution (hospitals, food enterprises, sports events, concerts, large shopping centers, airports, subways, etc.)

  • built-in temperature control and Face ID
  • cold mist disinfection
  • efficient, economical, safe
  • delivery of this equipment to EU countries
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Detergents and disinfectants

We are ready to offer for your enterprise a full range of detergents and disinfectants of our own production - Ekfil\Tepol. These detergents were developed by our company for use on foam\container washing and disinfecting equipment from our line.

The use of these products in production is a guarantee of high quality hygiene at all stages of production processes and full compliance with HASP standards.

With high quality, our products are made exclusively from proven foreign components, which ensures consistent quality and, as a result, economical use.

  • High quality detergents and disinfectants of our own production
  • Possibility of supplying unique ECOLAB disinfectants
  • Conducting hygienic audits and equipment testing (identifying areas not subject to washing, optimizing the use of water / chemistry)
  • Connection to the Ecoflex resource monitoring system - permanent control over the consumption of water and chemicals both in the system as a whole and in individual areas and types of equipment
  • Extended warranty up to 36 months in the case of using detergents and disinfectants of own production Tepol \ Ekfil (foam / soda washing equipment \ air disinfection)
Моющие и дезинфицирующие средства 1 Моющие и дезинфицирующие средства 2

Food grade oils and greases

High-tech oils and greases from the leading manufacturers - AMOL , Matix and Petro Canada with approvals for the food industry - are the key to long and reliable operation of your equipment.

  • Leading manufacturers - AMOL, Matix and Petro Canada
  • Monitoring system for maintenance and operating time of Ecoflex equipment
  • Food Tolerances
  • Quality products and economical consumption
  • Technological consultations on application
  • Full HASP compliance
Масла и смазки с пищевым допуском 1 Масла и смазки с пищевым допуском 2

Equipment Service and instrumentation

Our company provides a full range of installation and laying of stainless steel pipelines of any complexity. We have implemented dozens of projects of various sizes.

We also carry out various works in the field of automation and instrumentation, maintenance and modernization of equipment.

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  • Design of pipelines at a manufacturing enterprise, taking into account the placement of equipment, technological parameters and other requirements (turbulence, water hammer suppression, etc.)
  • Regular and urgent maintenance, repair and service of equipment, audit and reporting on the condition of equipment
  • Laying of stainless steel pipelines of any complexity
  • Use of data about the operation of equipment from the Ecoflex system, connection to the system with a significant one in the case of service contracts and / or the purchase of lubricants for equipment
  • Installation of technological equipment
  • We provide warranty, post-warranty and service support for all proposed solutions 24/7
  • Instrumentation works (adjustment, design, installation, repair) of technological equipment
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Water is one of the most important components of production and hygiene processes in an enterprise.

We offer you various solutions in the field of water treatment and water use in industrial processes:

  • Nalco chemical technologies for water treatment (inhibitors, biocides, etc.) + dosing systems
  • SPX cooling towers - turnkey installation
  • Water purification equipment - complex supply and service
  • Connection to the Ekoflex system to control water consumption + control dosing of inhibitors and biocides (if used)
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A comprehensive solution for automating the accounting of resource costs (chemicals, water, electricity, steam, gas, etc.), as well as additional options for controlling humidity, temperature and the number of hours of equipment operation.

  • Allows you to form a single energy balance and monitor technological parameters and equipment operability and utilization
  • Control of energy resources (water, chemistry, gas, electricity)
  • Temperature and humidity control (workshops, refrigerators, boilers, other equipment)
  • Monitoring equipment operating time
  • Automatic maintenance control Warnings of persons responsible in case of deviation from the set standard parameters

This will allow not only to reduce the direct costs of consumed resources, but also to control such parameters as product quality and hygiene indicators, equipment operability and frequency of its maintenance.

Комплексное решение для автоматизации учета расходов ресурсов

We offer solutions in the field of alternative energy - solar panels.

  • Significant savings compared to conventional energy
  • Payback period up to 5 years
  • There is no need to make significant payments for connection (and modernization) to traditional power grids in case of expansion of capacities and / or lack of existing ones
  • European project financing at 5-10% per annum
  • The ability to quickly and easily increase existing capacities
  • Possibility of building high power solar stations
  • Installation, warranty and post-warranty service
Предлагаем решения в области альтернативной энергетики – солнечные панели. Изображение 1 Предлагаем решения в области альтернативной энергетики – солнечные панели. Изображение 2

Control and safety functions are extremely important in any production. We offer you a wide range of technologies for access control and security at your enterprise:

 Функции контроля и безопасности - Изображение 1
  • Design and installation of enterprise-wide video surveillance systems - control of the perimeter of an industrial zone, pipelines, distribution and transport hubs, industrial buildings and storage facilities, video control of the activities of structural units, strengthening labor discipline, visual control of roads in the enterprise zone.
  • Installation of high-altitude surveillance robotic video cameras with a built-in thermal imager, video surveillance of incoming vehicles with a system for recognizing numbers of cars and railway cars, visual inspection in case of an emergency signal, analysis of incidents involving material, financial and reputational losses.
  • Infrared imaging system
  • Perimeter security systems
  • Integrated access control system - access control for administration staff, service personnel, service and other services, control and accounting of personnel and visitors movements, automation of access control for vehicles at checkpoints, investigation of emergency situations, analysis of violations of operational chains, integration with enterprise accounting systems, accounting of the actual hours worked by employees.
  • Security alarm
Функции контроля и безопасности - Изображение 2 Функции контроля и безопасности - Изображение 3

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